Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sibling Relationships and Spring Break Excitement!

Tonight my parents and three youngest sisters are coming to our home for dinner. I didn’t write about this before, because I know that my sisses check my blog and I didn’t want to spoil their surprise…BUT….my parents, Jamal, and I are banding together to plan a special spring break trip for them to Cancun, Mexico. Corinne, Acaijah, and Ciahnna will each get to bring one friend along….so that’s my mother, my daddy, Jamal, me, Kimora, Kariah, Kajanae, Corinne, Acaijah, Ciahnna, and three family friends of the girls’ choosing!!!! It’ll be quite a crew, but I know they will be just DELIGHTED…I can’t wait to tell them! I truly appreciate my sisters sooo much and all that they do. They’re such helpful, generous, and giving spirits. In addition, they are very intelligent and are so dedicated to their academic work that we feel that they truly deserve a special break.

Speaking of sibling relationships, I have a miniature story to share about last night:

Before Kajanae was born, Jamal and I would rotate children each night when getting them ready for bed. For example, I would help Kimora get ready, read to her, and sing her special lullaby while Jamal did the same with Kariah; the following night we would switch children and I would spend the one-on-one time with Kariah and Jamal with Kimora. However, since Kaji’s birth, usually one parent helps the “big girls” get ready while the other tends to the baby. This particular evening, Kajanae was sound asleep, so we decided to have an evening like our old routine since I think that the girls benefit from one-on-one time, particularly when winding down for the night. Last night I was reading to Kimora and singing her lullaby when Kajanae began to fuss; Jamal left Kariah for a second to go tend to Kaji, and that little cutie (Kariah) escaped her room and came running over to Kimora’s room. Kariah crawled up into Kimora's bed, and they cuddled together with arms wrapped around each other. Kimora announced proudly about Kariah, "She's my best friend!" What an adorable moment! Perhaps I try so hard to spend one-on-one time with my daughters that I underestimate their enjoyment in spending time TOGETHER. :)

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