Friday, March 14, 2008

Kimora's Year of Being 2

What a year this has been for my little Kimora! Warning, Warning! Shameless parental bragging ahead..proceed at your own risk!

This passed year Kimora:

-learned all of the alphabet phonetics. She already knew her alphabet before turning 2, but this passed year she learned the sounds that each of the letters in the alphabet make.

-learned which letters are vowels and which are consonants (and short and long vowel sounds).

-put simple words together. The other day she decided to try to write all of the words that she knows how to write. These include names such as Mommy, Daddy, Kimora, Kariah, Kajanae, Grammy, Pappy, Corinne, Acaijah, Ciahnna, and rough renditions of Coran, Seanice, Jaslene, Kaneefa, and Tyrel. These also include words like cat, bat, sat, mat, which she would write while saying, "Mat. M-A-T spells mat." :) Another rhyming set was cap, sap, map, lap, and nap.

-learned how to count to 100. When this was a novelty, she drove us nearly mad counting slowly and deliberately to 100 several times daily! :)

-became a big sister for the second time. Kimora has truly amazed us with her joyous and kind spirit; I think that she's an inherent big sister...her nurturing instinct is so natural.

-learned more Spanish. I've been so thankful for my ability to speak Spanish, and I want to give that same opportunity to be bilingual with my daughters. Both Kimora and Kariah have surprised many a Latino family when they nonchalantly converse in Spanish after hearing the family speak together (they switch back and forth very quickly). So, this year Kimora's Spanish vocabulary improved immensely and she is getting a good handle on verb conjugation.

-put together her first "big person puzzle" all my herself. It wasn't an astronomically sized puzzle, but it had about 50 pieces, which was pretty good for an almost 3-year-old!

-learned how to swim. Kimora is fearless in the water. When we go to the ocean or the pool, she will take off towards the water sans swimmies, innertubes, everything! My nerves aren't as frazzled as before now that she darts through the water like a little fishy, but I still insist on being RIGHT by her side.

-developed a knack for sarcasm. Hmmm...I wonder who she learned this from? ;)

I love you my little cuppy-cake. You've brought soooo much joy to our lives. May this next year be as wonderful as the last! I'm honored to be your mommy.

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