Sunday, March 16, 2008

Product Pitch

The following message doesn’t pertain to everyone, so if you’re a man or you’re repulsed by breastfeeding….consider yourself warned!

As many of you know, I’m tandem nursing Kariah and Kajanáe. This is the same as I did with Kimora and Kariah for a while after Kariah was born. (Tandem nursing means that you’re breastfeeding more than one child). Obviously Kariah, being 19 months, gets her primary sustenance from table food, but I still nurse her several times daily. Baby Kajanáe is solely dependent on my breast milk for her “food,” as she is not even 2 months old yet.

What I’m building up to is…well…”the girls,” if you will, (and I’m not referring to my children) get worked pretty hard. When three people are dependent upon my boobs, (oops, did I only mention two people? Well, there’s three; YOU fill in the blanks!), the regular lotion just doesn’t do the trick. However, I’ve come across a product that works really well called Purelan. It contains lanolin, which is an excellent moisturizing, non-toxic agent. Purelan and other products made with lanolin don’t have to be washed off before nursing due to its non-toxic property. In fact, regular lotion, vitamin E products, Bag Balm, and even the ointments handed out by some hospitals should be avoided. I just thought I’d share one of my favorite products with fellow mothers, keeping the breasts fit for all the many boob-related activities involving my babies and he- who- shall- remain- unnamed- and- would- be- very- embarrassed- if- he- reads- this- post. ;-p

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