Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Party Central........Preschool Style!

Happy Birthday Kimora Jasmine!

Today my little Kimora Pie turns 3 years old. What a joy this sassy little bundle of love has been these past three years....only a baby, yet a big sister two times over! I can never get enough of her sweetness and wit.

The birthday girl deserves to have the attention focused on her today, so I'll make this post quick ;)...we just put the finishing touches on the preparations for her Princess Tea Party. I'm sure I'll relate the details following the event! :) I also plan to devote another post this evening to Kimora as a documentation of what this past year held for my little cuppy-cake!

Happy birthday, my beautiful baby. I record this for you! When you're older and you read my blog entries, may you feel my love for you reaffirmed and reaffirmed millionfold!

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