Friday, February 1, 2008

S*e*x and Savannah

So…sticky subject…and lots of s’s. :) Kajanàe is now 10 days old; that’s a week and 3 days. The question is, how long does one wait…or better, how long do two wait? You know what I’m talking about—no secrets here. I know the required healing period varies between individuals. It’s quite a strange (not to mention AWKWARD) subject on which to ask for others’ input. I’m very straightforward with my doctor, but she tends to be very strict and “by the books”. I really appreciate that about her, and I follow all of her instructions and advice to the tee; however, I’m thinking that this is one area that may call for a little cheating!

…..Not soon, however. Allow me to explain. This weekend, Jamal’s parents are taking ALL of us to Savannah for a celebration of Kajanàe’s and Keyana’s births….a huge shebang including our family and the families of Jamal’s four siblings. Each immediate family will share an adjoining suite with another immediate family (one will share with the parents for an even six, or three mega suites in total). We will be adjoined with Jacinta and Tyrese, since we both have babies (Keyana was born last June). We are very excited for this trip; a wonderful opportunity to relax with family. However, let me just be emphatic in saying that there will be NO “action” on this trip, considering the adjoined suites…hear me, honey? So stop the begging, bribing, and cajoling before you even begin! :) There will be plenty of daytime excitement though, from enjoying the city with our little ones to relaxing in the hotel to even having dinner on the water Saturday night!

Did I mention this trip was a surprise? I think I forgot that little detail! Add that to the pile of “s” words! We found out….Wednesday! Momma Tessa knew I’d be stressing about the trip if I knew beforehand, and probably wouldn’t agree to go with a new baby. She’s a sly one, Jamal’s mother is….and she spoils us, obviously! Sorry to all those who hate their mothers-in-law…mine’s a keeper! Love you all and I’ll see you this evening after everyone gets off work and we hit the road!

(note: asterisks * because I don't want to be googled for that word :) )

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