Friday, February 8, 2008

Contemplating the Novelties

Since arriving home from the hospital, I've noticed some things about our new life.

-Kimora seems so HEAVY! The first few times I lifted her after Kajanae's birth, I was shocked at how heavy she felt. Kariah seems soooo long, especially when I lay her down for a diaper change. I remember after Kariah was born, I experienced the same thing...thinking that Kimora looked so long (as Kimora also wore diapers when Kariah was born). Now the same thoughts are occurring to me, only this time, they apply to Kariah's size vs. Kajanae's....and an even greater difference between the baby and Kimora!

-I had forgotten how much laundry a family with a newborn goes through! Frequent outfit changes, burp cloths, sheets, blankets, etc. all amount to a great deal of washing, drying, and folding. My dear mother and sisters have been sooo helpful in this department; I'm forever indebted to you all! :)

-Another thing I had forgotten is how expressive a newborn's facial expressions can be! Kajanae makes some of the most darling, funny faces. When I'm nursing her and I plan to reach for the book beside me, I end up looking down at her and I forget to read. She nurses, I admire her, and the book goes unread (which is fine, because I know these days are fleeting, and I treasure these moments very much).

-One of my favorite things that Kajanae does is snuggle against me with her arms tucked in and legs curled up....she looks perfectly at peace. She reminds me of a koala bear as I cuddle with her, and I call her that.

-Kimora and Kariah have made some funny statements since Kajanae's birth. For example, Kimora keeps forgetting that when I feed Kajanae, it's called "nursing" or "breastfeeding." Instead, Kimora calls it "milking." (While I'm still nursing Kariah, she obviously doesn't nurse as often; I assume that this is why Kimora's special term is just now coming out!) Why yes, sweetheart! That is actually a very accurate description, but for some reason, we don't usually call it that!

One thing that Kimora and Kariah have picked up from us is how to croon to Kajanae when she fusses. When Kajanae is fussing, Kimora and Kariah will say in a sing-song voice, "Kaji, it okay. We're here." :)

-Something else that I've noticed since we've been home is that Jamal has a new favorite phrase. When we're going to bed and I'm talking about something very unromantic such as our girls, my parents, my siblings, his family, my shopping finds, the accumulating laundry, etc., he'll always get a feisty look on his face and say, "You talking dirty to me?" I, then, burst out in uncontrollable laughter, which I'm sure is not the result he's looking for.....very creative and an A for effort on his part, anyway.....I must admit that I do enjoy it very much! :) Love you baby.

As my family grows, my love for them grows, and grows, and grows. It's hard to contain it, much less describe it!

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