Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just a Quick Hello

Wow…it’s been a while! We had a fabulous weekend in Savannah; thanks to those of you who asked. We enjoyed spending time with J’s family…particularly Jacinta, Tyrese, and baby Keyana with whom we shared our adjoining suite. The children behaved very well…they were delighted to have a new city to explore. We hit up some children’s museums, which were big hits. Kajanàe was as good as can be….quite a little trooper for being in a completely new environment. We bought Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanàe matching Roca Wear jackets! My little babies look so ghetto fabulous :) ! Kajanàe attracts a lot of attention while we are out, because she has so much hair for a two week-old baby; her cute little dark curls are so plentiful that I can even manage a few teeny ponytails!

So, I just wanted to take this opportunity to give a quick update and let everyone know that we're still here and we had a fabulous weekend! Hearts and hugs....

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