Monday, April 14, 2008

Welcome Back!

As of Saturday night, our entire crew was officially back in A-town. No matter how wonderful and relaxing the vacation, something about coming home just feels right!

For those unaware, this spring break trip to Cancun, Mexico was in honor of my lovely sisters, Corinne, Acaijah, and Ciahnna. They've worked very hard this year with their academic work, and we're very proud of them. :) Each was allowed to bring one friend...and Corinne brought her boyfriend. We had a marvelous time spending the days on the beach, perusing the city in the evenings, eating out, and relaxing at the lavish hotel at night.

Being a very touristy place, knowing Spanish wasn't essential. However, we had fun speaking Spanish among ourselves and ordering in Spanish at some of the restaurants...even Kimora did that!

I kept Kajanae under the umbrella the entire time and kept all three girls slathered in sun screen. Some people think that I don't have to be as diligent considering my daughters' darker complexions...not the case. SPF 50 for my babies!

Jamal, my parents, and I had to keep a sharp eye on Kimora and Kariah on the beaches. As I've mentioned before, they're fearless around water. Although Kimora is only 3, she's a good swimmer in a pool. However, the ocean is a whole different ball park! She begged us to take her out deeper in the water. When the waves broke over her head...was she phased? No sir! Jamal took her out past where the waves break with an innertube...she thought that was boring in the calmer waters! Why was I surprised? Does Kimora ever choose the calmer, more rational choice? :)

I think that Kariah knew she was getting the short end of the stick. I didn't even want Jamal to take her out because no man is a match for the ocean...even a man like Jamal. I just wasn't comfortable with a 19 month old venturing into the deep waters. I kept her along the edge and would hold her hands as she jumped the smaller waves and the other waves that had already broken and were rolling in toward the shore. When Jamal would take Kimora out in the water, I would often walk along the shore with Kariah and help her collect shells, sharks teeth, and sea glass. Sometimes Kariah would bypass the gorgeous, intricate shells for a glob of jiggly, tubular seaweed! Go figure! :)


Before closing, one other thing that I feel necessary to mention involves my doctors appointment today. I think I mentioned before that I've lost a lot of weight since giving birth to Kajanae. I've always been thin, but I've dropped below what is considered healthy for my height (I'm 5 ft. 9 in.). I've been in denial about this because I know that I've been eating as I was before; I told my doctor that running after 3 small children must take any and all excess off of me! She didn't buy it, and she said that something's got to give. She really doesn't want to tell me that I should stop nursing Kariah (in addition to Kajanae), but that would be the next step. At this point, she wants me to count calories and keep a food log to make sure I'm eating enough to stop dropping weight. She has set a daily goal for me of 2,200 calories. To be honest, I think everyone is making a bigger deal of this than is necessary. I feel very healthy! ....but I suppose I'll humor them, because they're probably right. Self force-feeding, here I come!! :-/

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