Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Little Baby Kajanae so precious to me...and I can't believe that she is officially a quarter of a year old. She's now three months as of the 21st.

Even though Kajanae is still so young, there is so much I could say about this precious little one...but words just wouldn't do it. She's irreplaceable..priceless...OURS. I still marvel over the fact that God has given her to me, to be her caregiver while she's on this earth. Kaji, I love you...I couldn't love you more...but even that is a fraction of the love that your Father in heaven has for you, precious little one. You are special. You are loved. You will do great things; this I know.

I suppose I should record some logistics as well, so that we can look back and see Kajanae's developmental progress, etc. I'm keeping a baby book for her and taking lots of photos like I'm doing with Kimora and I suppose this blog is sort of a secondary source of their growth and development. Recent milestones include:

~Kajanae has begun to exhibit an obvious recognition of Jamal and me; she'll still engage strangers and other lesser known faces, but she certainly prefers me, Jamal, my mother, and Corinne over others. She will search for me in a room and will often smile when she spots me!
~I speak a lot to Kaji, and she'll look directly at me and try to "talk" back.
~She seems pretty coordinated with her arms and legs...very good at pumping. Her kicks are getting stronger, too!
~When placed on her stomach, she will use her arms as support, lifting up her shoulders and head high.
~She loves to watch and observe her sisters; needless to say, Kimora and Kariah do provide interesting entertainment. Kaji will watch their antics for rather extended periods of time; she seems to be very alert and have a longer attention span than many 3 month olds.
~Kajanae weighs about 12 pounds now

Happy 1/4 Birthday little baby Kajanae Samaria!

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Anonymous said...

AHHH! Baby niecey is 1/4 a year old!! Hey, now. She prefers me too! :)