Sunday, January 27, 2008

Crashes and Glitches

As you can see, I've changed the template and customized the colors on my blog. The reason I even bothered to do this customizing is because I had to begin again from scratch! My google account wouldn't allow me to sign in on my previous blog because there was some confusion with emails (we're in the process of changing companies). So, this is still me with a whole new look! :)
I include crashes in the title of this post because a site that I visit regularly is experiencing major difficulties....posts and comments were lost..oh well! Asi es la vida!
I reposted my previous posts with their original post those are still in the archives!

My new url address is instead of just urbanmommy, because urbanmommy still technically exists, I'm just unable to access and edit it. Enjoy the new layout...I think it's pretty ;). Hope everyone has a great week, and I'll keep you posted. Kaneefa and Seanice...we still on for this week, sistas?? :) Love and appreciate you guys to the ends of the Earth!

P.S. I think my favorite post to date is one that I didn't even write! I love the post that Jamal wrote because it's SSSOOOO HIM! LOL Everyone's been telling me how great of an "urban daddy" I have! Thanks everyone, I know *wink*, I know ;).

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