Monday, May 5, 2008

Just Checking In

Hello guys! I'm sorry I've been so delinquent in keeping up with postings. I'm hoping that I'll get back into the swing of blogging around the middle of this month. Our family has been very busy in recent weeks. My current endeavors include planning a bridal shower for my future sister-in-law (Nia, who is marrying my brother Tyrel) and helping my sister Seanice move out of her college apartment and attending all of her graduation festivities. Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae continue to thrive, becoming more and more beautiful and learning more and more each day.

On another note, I quite enjoy viewing the map that shows the location of all of my blog's visitors. The more visits, the bigger the dots; the more visitors, the more dots. Welcome readers from all over the globe. Feel free to leave a comment to let me know you've stopped by, or simply browse at your own choosing! Welcome!


Anonymous said...

Lia, Happy Mother's Day!! I hope you have a wonderful day with your family!

carleigh said...

Lia..where have you been?? Miss you on babyrazzi and you haven't posted any new info on your lil cuties..hope you had a WONDERFUL Mothers Day, you deserve it sweetie!!


Anonymous said...

Lia..miss you posting on Babyrazzi, hope your precious little cutie pies are doing well!! Hope you had a great Mothers Day & I hope you come back soon, you are very missed!!