Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summer 2008

The following is a list of “to do” activities that I hope to accomplish with my girls this summer:

-camp out as a family for a night in Aunt Jacinta’s backyard (we’ve already approved this with Jamal’s sister who graciously offered her ample suburban lawn for “camp out” as sleeping outside in our neighborhood would simply not be smart!)

-make fruit smoothies, and maybe even a coffee one for mommy (!)

-jump through the garden sprinkler in bathing suits

-go swimming in a community pool (a many-time event, if last summer was any indication)

-spend a week in Ft. Lauderdale

-begin to potty train Kariah

-spend time with mommy (this is a direct Kimora quote)

-attend Tyrel and Nia’s wedding and celebrate with them

-paint our toenails

-pack a picnic and spend the afternoon at the park

-visit Imagine It! children’s museum

-Daddy and Mommy dates with each individual child

-teach Kajanae to talk (another Kimora quote)

-read (Kariah’s suggestion, except her version sounded more like “weed”)

-celebrate Kariah’s 2nd birthday in August!

-allow girls to pick out pretend dress-up outfits from a vintage thrift shop

-host an English tea party with church mother/daughter friends

-travel to Philly (as time permits)

- ?

What’s fantastic about this list is that the joy will not be in crossing the item of the list, but rather in experiencing each one with my babies! Happy summer!


Nia said...

I LOVE your verse and photo! You're doing a great thing, Lia.

Anonymous said...

my youngest daughter Aimee is also having a birthday in August! she'll be three though. And my oldest Sofia will be five in October!! where has time gone??

New Jersey